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3 Selfcare Tips to Improve Your Skin Health

by Our Deep Skin
Skincare selfcare

3 things I’ll be doing to look after myself this weekend that will also benefit my skin:

1.Change my silk pillowcase
Even with a solid night time skincare regimen, our faces will still accumulate dead skin cells, oil, and dirt on our pillow cases.
Every few days, switch out your silk pillowcase to a clean one to prevent breakouts.

2. Do a face mask that my skin will need that day
There are a variety of face masks for different skin needs. Clay, sheet, exfoliating, etc.
Use a clay mask if your skin is building up excess oils and breaking out as a result.
Use a hydrating sheet mask if your skin is feeling tight & could do with some added moisture.
Use an AHA/BHA mask if you have textural irregularities or want to improve that deep skin gloww!
Pop on your mask, rest on the couch, close your eyes and just breathe (don’t forget to set a timer to take it off!).

3. Drink a cup of warm lemon water
An elixir that keeps my skin glowing, aids in digestion, increases my metabolism and is packed with vitamin C!? Yes please.
Lemon water contains antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radical damage, keeping your melanin looking fresh and helping slow down the aging process.
Not only that, Vitamin C helps the body produce more collagen! Come on younger-looking skin with less wrinkles!!

Unplug & pour into yourself this weekend. Stay safe Deep Skin Lovers xx

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