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Black Friday: Is Skincare Worth the Splurge?

by Our Deep Skin

You bank account may have already been emptied out, or, you may be waiting for those last minute super deals that will pop up in your inbox towards midnight.

Thinking of securing your 2021 skincare regimen this weekend? Let us help you make a wise decision.

Products You Should Always Have on Deck
Salicylic Acid Serum – yes you may have won the battle with acne, but breakouts will still make an unwanted come back from time to time.
Be prepared to switch your pigmentation regimen to an acne regimen by always having this serum in your skincare cabinet.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum – It’s officially winter szn. Whether or not you have oily skin, you’ll wake up some days and your skin will feel like the Sahara Desert. Having a form of HA or Polygluatmic Acid on hand will save the day after your cleanser. Always remember to follow up with a moisturiser.

Two Cleansers: Oil/ Balm + Foam – Every evening without fail, a double cleanse should be taking place in your home. Ensure you get rid of the build up of the day, with a 2 step cleanse. Spend at least 1 minute gently massaging each cleanser into your skin before rinse off.

Products in Your Skincare Regimen You Do Not Need to Splurge On
SPF – A sunscreen is a sunscreen. Yes, some feel better than others, sit better than others under makeup, look better than others. However, at the end of the day, protecting our deep skin is the goal. As long as it’s an spf 50 +, you’re good to go.

Sheet Masks – Most sheet masks are the same. It’s just a different way of applying your serum. What I do is fill my shopping cart with any sheet masks when I’m shopping skincare, to surpass the free shipping minimum 🤭 Do you need them? Yes, they are great for self care, relaxation & your skin. Just no need to spill all your £££ there.

Cleansers – A cleanser will be on your skin for all of 2 minutes. A basic cleanser from Cetaphil or Cerave will do the job.
Do I have cleansers with active ingredients in them? Yes. I love to try out brand’s full product lines. It’s not necessary though.

Where should you spend your coin?
Reputable, dermatologist approved, deep skin tone friendly brands.
Serums, Moisturisers & Clinic Treatments.

Happy Spending 🧡

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