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Drunk Elephant’s Sweet Pitti – Review

by Our Deep Skin
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The BEST natural deodorant I’ve ever used – and I’ve been through a fair share.

Could it be because one of the main ingredients is the best exfoliating acid for deep skin tones? Possibly.

The formula is a blend of mandelic acid & arrowroot, both formulated to absorb and prevent odour.

  • Mandelic acid – Derived from almonds, an AHA that kills odor-causing bacteria (helps gently exfoliate & brighten the skin too)
  • Arrowroot powder – absorbs wetness from sweat
  • Shea butter – emollient that provides skin barrier protection

The scent? Phenomenal. Smells like sweet almond & coconut. The deodorant is infused with moisturising plant oils (marula, baobab and mongongo seed), marula and shea butter, all while eliminating stinky bacteria.

Introducing… Drunk Elephant’s Sweet Pitti, that replenishes dry, dull and irritable skin.

I apply it every evening after a shower. What surprised me the most was that it comes out as a cream, almost like icing from a piping bag… don’t eat it though. I was accustomed to the traditional paste sticks or 360 spheres.

I find it rather calming and moisturising to my pitts, did I mention it smells amazing?! Lasting me all day, I know that Sweet Pitti will be a repeat purchase.

It isn’t sticky. I like the cream formula rather than the paste-type deodorants I have used, and yes, it is free from baking soda, aluminum, fragrance, sulfates, silicones, dyes, drying alcohols and essential oils. Bonus.

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