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Hi! My name is Ruth

by Our Deep Skin

Welcome to our community, Deep Skin Lovers!

Our Deep Skin is a space for people of colour to find the information they need on skincare.

Here, we’ll be able to connect with each other by sharing our thoughts & research on all things skincare!

You’ll be able to find product recommendations for your specific deep skin needs.

No longer will you be drooling on instagram at other people’s perfect skin, you’ll know what it feels like too!!


So I’m Ruth. Located in the Midlands of England. By profession, I’m an Analyst in the oil & gas industry. 

My passion though? Skincare. All things skincare.

I first became interested in skincare at the age of 20 when my skin turned on me. I was frantically searching for solutions to fix my face and regain some self-esteem. Anything that the World Wide Web recommended, I tried. Eventually though, thankfully, I found solutions! I’ll talk to you more in depth about my skincare journey and the different things I tried in a separate blog post.

Even after I got results, I was still so interested to try out different products and learn more about my skin. Something I did notice though, in the years of my research, was that no one I followed or took advice from looked like me. Honestly, this didn’t bother me. Whatever they were saying was working.

I became the skincare consultant for all my best friends, I couldn’t help but analyse the skin of everyone I came into contact with.

A friend recommended ‘why don’t you start a youtube channel to talk about your skincare?’

I was like..nah. I didn’t want to become “just another youtuber”, and plus, the whole “be an entrepreneur and hustle” thing was not attractive to me. I just wanted to utlise the degrees I had, years of stellar education, and climb up the corporate ladder. It was much safer that way, so I thought.

It didn’t take long for the monotony of office life to get to me. I was tired of creating spreadsheets, managing projects and travelling. I did feel guilty about this to be honest.

“You should honestly just be grateful Ruth that you were successful in education and were hired by the 3rd largest industrial gas company in the world, even before you graduated.”

Slowly but surely, each day I’d have to wake up and go into an office to complete work for someone else whilst barely being able to pay the bills each month, was getting tiring.

Something had to change. Where could I make an impact in this world whilst being happy & fulfilled? What more did the world need?

As I scrolled through my instagram feed one day, it clicked. All the skincare influencers, dermatologists and estheticians I followed were either Korean, White, or some other kind of oriental Asian. Kudos to them, they’ve not only helped me, but many others.

In a world where representation is treasured more and more each day, people are searching for those they can resonate with that look like them. That’s when my idea of ‘Our Deep Skin’ originated from. A community of people of colour to talk about all things skincare. Your melanated skin is beautiful and deserves attention too!

Soo, what should you expect from Our Deep Skin? TONS.. I have so many plans for this community I’m literally so excited to share them all.

My up-to-date journey, one-to-one consultations, products, routines, information, guides, vidoes, advice, pictures, memes, chit chat, you name it! Maybe someday a store? Maybe an app? Oop. Let me not get ahead of myself.

Things for you to do now:

1. Take the skincare quiz to find out your personal skin needs

2. Follow us on all our platforms to stay in the loop and get that glowing skin 🙂

Excited for you to join us. Speak soon.


Ruth xx

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