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My Skincare Journey

by Our Deep Skin
Black lady acne

This is Ruth, this is me, founder of Our Deep Skin.

This was my skin 4 years ago. When I look at my past pictures now, it still shocks me and to be honest, I get a little uncomfortable.

I was frantically searching for solutions to “fix my face” and regain some self-esteem. Anything that the World Wide Web recommended, I tried. Eventually though, thankfully, I found solutions!


A little background on what I went through before the solutions.

When my deep skin first started deteriorating, I panicked. Friends, family and people that saw my face would often give their unsolicited advice on what I should/should not be doing. Apparently, they knew why my skin was the way it was -_-


“If only you cut out sugar from your diet”…not knowing that I had.

“If only you cut out dairy from your diet”…not knowing I was vegan, 6 years and counting.

“If you use lemon on your face, it wouldn’t be like this”…been there, did that, skin was worse.

“If you use aloe vera on your face, it wouldn’t be like this”…been there, did that, skin was worse.

“Wearing makeup is the reason your skin looks like this”…ma’am, sir, I started wearing makeup when my skin got like this.

“You don’t drink enough water, that’s why”…ma’am, sir, I’ve just completed a 10 day water fast. These are the results.


You get the gist. These are ALL real things people said to me + more. So before I go on, a little word of advice.

If you see someone suffering with a skin condition, do them a favour, shut your mouth unless they’ve asked for your help.

Got that? Thanks.


So anyways, as you can tell I tried absolutely everything. At that time, I was an active member of a religious group that advocates for all natural everything. Chemicals? The devil. Drugs? The devil.

At one point, I thought to myself, maybe I’m allergic to something I’m eating. So I cut out gluten. Nothing. Then I cut out nuts. Nothing. I moved to a raw vegan diet. Nothing. That’s when I was pushed to do a 10 day water fast – I was desperate y’all.

These are images I took at the end of the water fast:

acne hyperpigmentation black skin

My skin was worse than before I had started the fast. So I ruled out diet and continued to research. My student bank account was drying up FAST. I had bought anything and everything that the interwebs recommended. Taken out credit cards too in order to afford it all (still paying those off till today, don’t do it kids).

Eventually, I came across korean youtubers that had 10 step skincare routines. Hmm, I thought to myself – credit card in hand. Let’s give this a try. Long story short, IT WORKED. I saw a difference in my skin WITHIN A WEEK of doing the routine.


I love this growing community of mine, I don’t want you to have to go through the hoops and hurdles (and financial rabbit hole) I went through. So i’ve summarised below, all you need to do, consistently, AM and PM, to help your beautiful deep skin clear up and glow again!


Step 1

Double cleanse. This means using an oil based cleanser to break down the debris on your face (e.g. SPF, makeup, sebum). Massage this oil cleanser into your skin gently with your fingers, then gently rinse that off with lukewarm water.

Next, use a foam cleanser. Lather it up in your hands, gently massage into your skin for 1 minute, then gently rinse that off with lukewarm water.

That’s it, your face is clean.


Note: Scrubbing and tugging at your skin doesn’t remove acne. Be gentle, let the products do their thing.


Step 2

Actives. These are potent products that target a specific skin issue. As we’re talking about acne today, I’d recommend using AHAs and BHAs.

Look for active serums or creams with these ingredients:

  • Salicylic acid
  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Mandelic acid
  • Glycolic acid
  • Lactic acid

Use your fingers to gently pat the serum into your face and neck. Wait 60 seconds before the next step.


Step 3

Moisturise. Always use a moisturiser. Yes, even if you have oily skin. Your skin needs a protective barrier to prevent hydration from escaping. Oftentimes, oily skin over produces sebum as a result of a lack of hydration & moisture. You can use a light-weight, oil-free moisturiser or a thicker cream moisturiser depending on your skin type.

I recommend using my holy grail COSRX oil-free moisturising birch sap lotion.


Step 4

SPF. Sunscreen. A skincare routine without SPF is a damaging one. A one way road to more problems. Whether you’ll be staying indoors, going outside, taking a trip to Antarctica or the Sahara desert, wear an SPF of at least 30. Or if you’re like me and like to be the best of the best in any and everything, SPF 50.

My faves: Klaris airy sunscreen, COSRX aloe soothing sunscreen, Purito comfy water sun block. I guarantee these will not make your amazing deep skin look ashy and grey.


Now you might be saying to yourself, Ruth, that wasn’t a 10 step routine. No, it wasn’t. From experience, I believe in ‘slow and steady wins the race’. There are other steps that exist like:

  • Toner
  • Eye cream
  • Facials oils
  • Masking
  • Peels
  • Mists
  • Spot treatments
  • Essence

Etcetera and etcetera. Start with the basics, I’ll teach you how to incorporate the rest as time goes on. Make sure you’re subscribed to the blog not to miss a thing!

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