Hi, I'm Ruth

Hi, I’m Ruth! Skincare enthusiast and founder of Our Deep Skin.
I am on a mission to provide people of colour with the right information, techniques, and products to achieve the best deep skin possible.
By profession, I’m an Analyst in the oil & gas industry. My passion though? Skincare. All things skincare.
My vision for Our Deep Skin arose when I realised that the people I had taken skincare tips from for years, looked nothing like me...

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As soon as dark spots appear on your skin, it is important to adopt a specific skincare routine that will prevent stubborn hyperpigmentation from forming. Find out how!


As people with deep skin tones, we do have a natural SPF of 13 — but when it comes to the sun’s damaging effects, the power of melanin is hugely overstated. Why do you need SPF?

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