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Skin is Skin: Skincare is Gender Neutral

by Our Deep Skin
gender neutral skincare

Regardless of gender or identification, we all wash our face.

Our Deep Skin is a gender neutral brand. Because skin is skin. And whose skin doesn’t like to be pampered? We believe the world of skincare should be inclusive, as well as uncomplicated.

From colours to names, the way skincare products are marketed to women and men differs dramatically. As traditional gender norms are increasingly questioned, is there still a need for gender-specific skincare or is the future neutral?

Is men’s skin really different enough to warrant an entirely separate skincare regimen?

While it’s true that men’s skin is between 20 and 25 per cent thicker than women’s (as it contains more collagen and elastin) and it tends to produce more oil, the basics of our daily skincare regime should be the same, regardless of gender.

Instead of thinking of skin as either male or female, the most important factors to look out for when putting together an effective skincare routine are skin type (normal, sensitive, oily, dry or combination) and areas of concern — think anti-ageing, blemishes, dark spots, and so on.

We all have the same components: oil glands, hair follicles, epidermis, dermis, collagen and elastin. Whatever products we use, the basic tenets of skincare are the same. We all need a cleanser, we all need sunscreen and we could all benefit from the anti-aging benefits of retinol.

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